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* I'm an optimist and an incurable romantic.
* I'm inspired by all things fashion.
* I could live in an Anthropologie store!
* I still think developing film in a darkroom is the best form of therapy.
* I have a tendency for sarcasm and I love laughing until I cry
* My best pictures come from my clients laughing at (er, I mean with) me!
* I love Mexican food and a good daiquiri. The best conversations usually happen while sharing chips and salsa.
* My relationships with people are extremely important to me. My clients are no exception.
* I'm known to cry at weddings I shoot. Yep, this means I'll probably cry at yours too!
* I fall in love with my clients; and I like to think they fall in love with me too.
* I'm not just a photographer, but your wedding planner, seamstress, therapist, florist, makeup artist & confidant. And I love that!
* I'm there to capture the moments "in between" for you to remember for a lifetime. And I love that even more!

Please call or to set up a time to come meet me at my studio. I'd love to get to know you!